‘Next Stop, [Your Audio Ad Here]’ 

The expression “Will it play in Peoria?” has long been heard in marketing circles as shorthand for whether something will succeed or flop with consumers. One student is asking, Will it play in Dayton, Ohio — over the loudspeakers on buses? Russell Gottesman, 32, is pursuing his M.B.A. at ­DePaul University in Chicago while running his new …

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What goes around comes around 

Russ Gottesman was on the bus home from a White Sox game when the big idea hit. “What if a bus stop could be ‘sponsored’ by a local business? My wife and I were two of 100 hungry fans, riding past Chinatown. Why shouldn’t a restaurant reach out with a simple message: ‘The best dumplings in town at Chang’s Restaurant, 50 feet from next stop’? We would have gotten off!” Gottesman knew he was on to something, but wasn’t sure how to proceed.

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