Leaders gets better and more sophisticated with age and investors take notice.

Part of that process is not only developing your own leadership skills in a company but also developing leadership teams.  As your company grows, entrepreneurs must have a succession plan that allows for others to do the work an entrepreneur use to do.

Creating and then growing a leadership team is critical to the success of your company. It is one thing for an entrepreneur to sell their own product, it is quite another to grow a team that engages homegrown leaders.


To successfully build a leadership team, you must do the following:

  • Define and establish a winning culture
  • Establish goals for your team and manage to them
  • Change your goals as your company changes
  • Your leadership team cannot manage if they cannot measure.
  • Create key indicators that allow your leaders to measure the team
  • Measure these goals daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Build a career organization chart so that as your company grows, original team members  know how they can grow with the company.

Change Agent: Embrace change.

Promoter of Continuous Learning: This is HUGE.

Strategist: Leader OWNS this.

Keeper of Values and Culture: Talk about it, talk about it. Talk about this at every company meeting. Every one of them. Recognize hard decisions (walking away from a customer) and successes.